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Suggestion Can we have instant messaging/chat here?

  1. Dec 9, 2012 #1
    Can we have chat option here?
    Just a thought! It will be much easier if we have instant messaging.
    If you really need help on anything and someone is willing to help, your discussion will be easier if you two are chatting. Don't you think so? :)
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    There is a flash-based chat on Sundays. IM would be a burden on the forum.
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    Really? That's nice! :) Thanks!
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    BTW, Where can I see that flash-based chat? Thanks.
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    You'll see a message here, on forum feedback & announcements (or is it general discussion?).
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    When it is opened it is usually advertised as open in the feedback forum.

    Note that it is just a social event, we don't discuss anything scientifically serious there. Anything more complicated than multiplication table and you risk being kicked out.
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    Hmmm.. How I wish we can also have chat/instant messaging so tutorial will be easier.

    Even with payment. Of course.
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    The entire point of this forum is to have all questions and answers posted IN the forum, not done privately. So no, we don't want people doing that.

    We do have PM - Private Messaging if you need to contact someone.

    Chat is not for homework help, etc... Again, the purpose of the forum is to post where everyone can take advantage of the discussions, not private tutoring.
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    Can't it be even just an option? O well, this is just a suggestion. Thanks for hearing me out.
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    Sure! Instant Messaging for tutoring can be done, but just OFF the forum. Tutoring which is done through physicsforums is done through one of the separate forums in a sequenced posting format so everyone can see the progress and can review the postings/threads at any later time or date.
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