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Capacitive coupling clamp not working as expected

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    I just made a capacitive coupling clamp with aluminium. When I fed a burst signal of 500V, I could only see 6V across the plates. I have used 1.5mm thickness aluminium sheet. Why its not working as expected?

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    Nice, an EN 61000-4-4 Burst clamp for IO lines. What is the source impedance of your source? Can you post a schematic?
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    I am first time working in this area, so I didn't understand source impedance of what you are asking. I have a chattering relay circuit, which can produce burst of upto 4KV and I am trying to connect the burst to the capacitive coupling clamp. But I am not seeing the burst coupled with the signals in communication lines.
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    I have one doubt regarding this, Will the power of burst effects anywhere in this process? Why I am asking is, the current is the rate of change of electrone's flow, so if we are coupling the burst with capacitive way we have to take care the no. of electrons that comes to the plate na? I know the voltage of my burst but I didnt measure the current.
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