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Catchy Caption for the topic Adolescence and Indian Lifestyles

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    Can u tell a Catchy Caption For The Topic Adolocence and Indian Lifestyles please?:surprised
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    What else do you want to say about it? You are giving very little information.

    Are you comparing this experience to adolescence in other societies? What are Indian lifestyles like compared with other lifestyles globally? How does adolecence fit in with them?

    Sounds like a great topic, and I would love to hear your views! However until you tell us something about the content, it's impossible to make suggestions about the title.
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    See, Life style is a separate topic and Adolescence is a separate topic.
    Lifestyle: Comparison of culture, tradition, costume, standard of living of people (INDIA alone ) before(olden times) and now(latest trends and fashion).
    Adolescence: Myths and issues,preparing Questionares.
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