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Center Tapped LC Circuit

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    My objective is to make a lc circuit that will have a potential difference across the inductor that is lower than that of the capacitor. A spark gap must also be used. Will this work and will the resonant frequency be the same as if it was wired conventionally?
    lc circuit.png
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    For a resonant LC circuit, the voltage across the inductor will always equal that across the inductor. I think your circuit is flawed, although I am not certain if you are indicating a power transformer at the bottom, or an RF transformer of some sort.
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    It is a transformer. So such a circuit is impossible?
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    As it stands at the moment, you are asking radio frequency current to flow through a power transformer.
    I think that, in principle, a resonant circuit could have an RF transformer between L and C, but I am still unsure about your circuit configuration because the transformer cannot function for RF.
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    I see what you are saying now. I'll look into it further and be back. Thank you for your responses..
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