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Centrifugal pump's Test performance prediction from CFD

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    How can we predict the actual test performance of pump from CFD. I need some formulation/calculation method to predict closure.
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    There are lots of tools developed for just this. Typically our approach for compressors is to start with a meanline or 1D code first. Basically it's a glorified "velocity-triangle" approach to solving, but will get you very close.

    From there a model is created and meshed. For the best mesh quality, we bring it into ANSYS ICEM in order to get a full hex mesh. Mesh quality if very important with CFD; always.

    At that point it's brought into your solver and solved. Moving boundaries can be applied to the rotor and from what I've seen, results can be quite close to experimental values.
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    And then we put it in the test cell and tell Minger that he's out to lunch :tongue2:
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