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CERN, think AND not OR?

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    Hello !

    I dont have questions about this experiment, i have read here on the forum and saw manny posts questions and answers but none close to my thinkings. I have read about CERN experiment and know about it for very long time ago since it started before i born. Now there are about 5000 scientists, most of them informaticians and physicists (when 5000 scientists decide doing a thing its hard to stop them). Now i dont want to make any predictions as i am not a believer in future telling but this problem is simple. They want to find out or prove the existence of a prticle discovered by a physicist professor Higgs. First time i heard about him was when i was looking on nobel prizes... What??? What is light? light dont have mass, as i seen manny physicists say in here, Einstein didnt say light has no mass. So here i have a question now: How could you establish, find, decide, calculate, predict or i dont know what term to use anymore, of a body whit infinte mass? How will a body whit an infinte mass will act in our present time in our dimension, reality, space, universe? I think that a body like this whit infinite mass and speed of "speed of light" will act the same like what we call light and so we can also prove the singularity theory if it exist... i cant do this and i dont want but i make sugestions... i think more out of the box. CERN will give lot of work to scientists, lot of data to analyize and God protect us not realize a black hole wich properties and our theoryes about it are more then scary. Probably here are manny people who consider themself scientists and they say they know, well i say they dont know as i dont know. I just think. Real scientists start from: i dont know! I dont know how gravity works, but im sure there is a code for everything an algorithm some bits there... so now i really have a question about CERN: Do they really search for am infinite source of energy? If this is what they are doing then probably only chaos will stop them. :)))) Happy ending!
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    infinite mass and/or energy

    Hello phynewbie! :smile:

    There's no such thng as infinite mass or infinite energy …

    I think you're thinking of the infinite density at the singularity of a black hole …

    the black hole has finite mass (the same mass as the star that collapsed to make it), in a zero volume, and so the density is 1/0, which is ∞. :smile:

    CERN is not looking for anything with more than a few TeV (I think) of energy.
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    The higgs have a mass around 120-170GeV/c^2
    , if it exists hehe..
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    ok but then what do they want to say with God's particle? Particle of God. Also black whole's, what could happen if they create one? As i know they have not run the experiment yet they rescheduled for 21 octoboer, the only things they did was calibrating the machines, magnets, microscopes? if Higgs particle have mass why photons dont have mass? what speed's travels higgs particle?
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    God particle is just a funny name, it is the last piece of the Standard Model of particle physics. In the theory of Electro weak gauge theory, the interaction with the higgs field is the mechanism which gives mass to the other particles. If they find the higgs boson, then there is no more particles in the standard model to be found, a great triumph of theoretical and experimental physics.
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    There's no such thng as infinite mass or infinite energy …

    not about a black whole... Einstein sayd if a body of mass M travels the speed of light his mass and gravity also energy will take infinite values... now light have a dual behavior... 1 as particle 2 as wave... noone can decide exactly, how could you calculate or scale the mass of a photon if its infinite? isnt logically to be imposible? mathematically logically ... what is the mass of the universe? or size, i lern in highschool physics that the universe is constantly growing... the mass should be in a constant grow and the same whit the size... growing whit almost speed of light. We also have 2 contradictions again left from Einstein wich he didnt explain very well ... at the speed of light time is zero 0 dosnt flow anymore so for a photon takes no time to travel the distance between A to B, but it takes aproximatively 1 second to travel the distance between earth and moon. Is there any difference between photons from the same wave lenght? I read a little from Alfred Kastler and he sayd that there is no difference between electrons, they are like identical twins or wine bottles in a winery but there is a small number serial number that make the difference and he explained this somethin like this electron is here in this position whit this speed and his trajectory and the other one is identical but have different position and other trajectory ... if electrons are not that different then what about phtons?
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    sound very interesting... so this boson is the basic particle in subatomic structure? what is the difference between a photon and a boson? wich one is bigger?
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    Einstein also said that photons have zero mass.
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    a photon is a type of boson. "gauge boson"
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