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Homework Help: Change in momentum

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data An object of mass 4.8 kg is projected into the air at a 55° angle. It hits the ground 3.6 s later. What is the magnitude of its change in momentum while it is in the air? Ignore air resistance

    2. Relevant equations J=p =sumF Δt=mΔv

    3. The attempt at a solution mvsine(theta) = mgt v=43.07 m/s p=mv = 206.74 kg m/s but its says thats wrong i tried it a dif way but got the same answer please help...
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    hello omc1 ,
    If you notice momentum will remain conserved along horizontal axis . ie component of velocity along horizontal axis will remain same throughout .
    So it will not cause any change in momentum .
    Then what will cause a change in momentum ?
    When you project the mass upward , the vertical component of mass will vary , and you might also know it will come back with the same speed with which it was thrown .
    Try to find out this change
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    so msin(theta)gt=p ??
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    twice of that
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    when i did that it is still giving me a wrong answer ....277.44
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    With no air resistance, horizontal speed doesn't change and and vertical speed, once the object has hit the ground, will have the same magnitude but opposite sign.
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    the neg of that answer doesnt work either.....
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