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Chemical Kinetics

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    I've been independantly studying chemical kinetics from a standard freshman year chemistry textbook, and I enjoy the subject, could anyone suggest any further reading or sources? Specifically I'd like to try and find a calculus based text, as the one I have specifically avoids using any calculus, and I'd be curious to see some of the proofs for determining the equations for the rates of second order reactions.

    Thank you
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    Wikipedia is always an excellent source.

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michaelis-Menten_kinetics

    Not sure what level of kinetics you're looking for but MM is always a good place to start, and they don't dumb it down (has scary dx/dt stuff)! There should be enough links to other articles and references to satisfy your needs.
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    my old AP book (look for Zumdahl and Zumdahl) did a pretty good job explaining it. AP and SAT II review books also seem to cover the topic pretty well. if you have any questions...
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