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Homework Help: Chemistry help!

  1. Apr 26, 2004 #1
    i have 2 questions, i just dont seem to get , here it goes

    at 25 degrees, kc = 1.6 x 10^-17 for the reaction

    N2(subscript) (g) + 2O2(subscript)(g) ---- 2NO2(subscript)(g)

    concentration of N2 = .0320 mol^-1
    concentraion of O2 = .00860 molL^-1

    calculate equilibrium concentraion of NO2(g)

    the second question is :

    for the following rxn

    2SOsubscript2 (g) + Osubscrupt2(g) ---- 2SOsucript3 (g)

    calculate valua of kc if 4 mol of SO3 is placed in a 2L container and allowed to reach equil.

    equililbrium concentration of O2 = .500 mol/L^-1

    can someone help plz?
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    my answer for kc was 1 for the 2nd question , can anyone verify that?
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    i guess everyones hates me ^_^
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    I'm no expert in Chemistry, but I can say that there aren't many chemists on these boards. Maybe you should try posting on the Chemistry boards if you have not already.
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    HW policy is that you take at least a blind swing at the problem.

    "One" looks good for Q2.
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    i did take a swing at them both, thats why im posting them here :D...but nvm now i got them right thx for "attempting" to help everyone haha
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