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Chemistry is a mystery!

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    I can't bring myself to like this subject. And I can't do my desired course without being good at it. Its like one information after the other and some things make no sense and too many exceptions. :cry:

    If there's someone out there who likes chemistry, then please tell me what about this subject draws you into it.
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    Lot's of stories available at the Nobel Prize site.
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    If you stick with it, you'll eventually learn than all those rules and exceptions and what-not are actually coming from somewhere. If you ever learn about quantum mechanics, and molecular quantum mechanics, it'll provide a lot of insight into the stuff you've been told to just memorize.

    But, for now, just accept that it's pretty complicated and even the simplest of atoms are not at all simple systems from a physical point of view. :)
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    Well... I am in a relationship with chemistry. And its complicated.

    OK, more seriously. Problem with chemistry is that the world itself is complicated. In physics we often talk about point masses sliding without friction, or about perfect collisions and so on. No such things in the real world, which is why engineers physics is (in a way) different from physicist physics. And chemists are even lower on the ladder, so they have to deal with much more numerous imperfections of the real world. That means chemistry is very difficult at the beginning, as every rule covers only a small subset of reactions/processes/phenomena. The more you know, the more obvious it is why things happen the way they happen, and chemistry becomes more palatable.

    But don't worry, it never gets predictable and boring. It will be always able to surprise you.
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    Add "site:nobelprize.org" to your google search query, that will limit your searches to the site.
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    Yes, I know that. Also "filetype:pdf" is a good way to search for pdf's
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    Chemistry gets really tough before getting moderately easy- too many general trends with too many exceptions; laws which work only in specific conditions; theories which cover the same thing to different extents and limitations...all in all in the beginning its a huge mess...but as you progress further everything sort of falls into space as you grasp the hierarchy of the rules, trends and laws. It gets really easy after that...dare I say easier than physics...also a bit more beautiful (more than it previously was, NOT more than physics...)
    Using things like flash cards and mind maps generally helps.
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    At an early age I grew to like biology and medicine, the origin of life, and evolution. But all these things are chemistry and I realized if I wanted to really understand them, I would have to understand chemistry. So I did. I went to college to study chemistry for the single reason of learning how biology works. Job, career, money were all secondary to me.

    I find it very satisfying to view the living world from the perspective of chemistry. If you want to understand biology, study chemistry. If you want to understand your health, study chemistry. And if you want to understand life and its evolution, then study chemistry.
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