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Choice of computing platform for guidance system

  1. Mar 10, 2009 #1
    I am just starting to learn about attitude estimation and control of a flying(or actually, a freefalling) vehicle. There will be inputs from accelerometers and gyroscopes, Kalman filtering to estimate the correct attitude and control algorithm to achieve the desired attitude.

    I am still putting down the first things to paper, but I also need to think what computing platform will I be using when I start realizing the thing. The platform should obviously be powerful enough for all the number-crunching, it should have a community I can ask help from and since the vehicle will be highly mobile(flying!), I would prefer having wireless programming/debugging capabilities.

    What would be your recommendations for this kind of platform?

    Gumstix seems to be powerful. Is it possible to have a system what is real-time and also have wireless capabilities?

    I like TI DSP's and Code Composer Studio and have access to Dev Kits and licensed CCS, but these things are not meant to operate wirelessly.
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