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Choosing Between Engineering

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    I am at a crossroads in life and am choosing between types of engineering. I might just go into Physics. I'll either become a nuclear,electrical,or aerospace engineer. I don't know which oen pays the most or is that hardest but I'd liek to try one of them.

    I like the last 2 cause they are offered everywhere and UT Austin has an Engineering Route to Buisness program which allows you to take a head role in a company while getting engineering courses. Nuclear is only offered at a select set of universities.

    I don't know if I should just gointo one or if it's possible to take them all. Go with one sort for a few year, takeup another, then another for a few years. These 3 are interesting cause they kinda feed into one another. I know many people havebecome many kinds of engineers but is it possible to be 2 or more at once?

    Electrical I'm sure has alot of jobs but I'm not sure about the other 2. But then there's the difference between electrical and electronics engineering. Almost the same but electronics deals with electronics more of course. WHile elctrical also deals with power computer engineering deals with computers. It's really kinda hard to distinguish it from electronics engineering . Lastly most universities off courses in computer science. Just one question, just what do computers have to do with science? I could see them in the engineering or technology department but not the natural sciences department. There's hardly anything natural about computers at all.
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    Not to brush you off, but have a search through the Academic & Careers Advice forum, this has been asked loads of times.

    As a rule, don't choose between the disciplines based on money!

    Scrub that. Based on money, don't choose engineering, full stop!
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    Well which is easiet?
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    If you are asking yourself that then I think you need to re examine why you are even studying anything in this field.
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    Sitting around on the dole is easiest. Not much fun though.

    Anyway, it's a cretinous question. Think about it!
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    If its job availablility and pay you are after, I would suggest leaning towards one of the engineering choices.
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    I took up Electronics Engineerig and my god that stuff was hard.

    I'm thinking if I took up Buisness Managment then maybe could get a head role in and elctronics or scientific company. Would that be wiser? I know you don't have to study nearly as hard in buissness and could quite possibly make more..
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    So what you like is money?
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    Well I like money while I like what I'm doing or vice versa. Although most of us wouldn't like to admit it but we wouldn't want to do our jobs if the money wasn't in it or we didn't enjoy what we're doing. The paradox is to combine them both.
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