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Circle geometry notation

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    Hey. When doing circle geometry, is there any designated notation i should use? For example, on a circle, is there any special notation for a minor arc, or a major arc? or a minor sector, or a major sector?

    Thanks. It would just help me clear up my working out in problems.
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    Nope, atleast not to my knowledge. Just label it, and sometimes it would obvious what is what with respect to the question but NOT alway's. And usually when solving things with circles it is not neccessary to say its a major/minor arc.
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    ok thanks.
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    There is specific notation between a major and minor arc..

    major arcs are notated with 3 letters and minor ones, just with 2 letters.

    Major arc
    - an arc whose endpoints form an angle over 180 degrees with the center of the circle; written - the extra letter is used to distinguish it from a minor arc; ABD

    Minor arc
    - an arc whose endpoints form an angle less than 180 degrees with the center of the circle; written AB with the curve line above it..

    see the website: http://library.thinkquest.org/2647/geometry/glossary.htm#major for the notations..
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    Wow, been over three years since i posted this. How did you come across this thread?

    Thanks for replying anyway i guess haha :smile:
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