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Homework Help: Circles and pie

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    circles.... and pie

    ok so i found this site and im learning about circles now :) http://www.mathgoodies.com/lessons/vol2/circumference.html

    it says pie is 3.14 which is what you get when you divide the outer measurement of the circle by the diameter (pie being 3.14 as per his homework)

    c/d=3.14 the question reads
    in this problem i have used & to mean pie cuz i don't know how to make that symbol
    circumference of a circle is 6&
    find the radius....



    diameter is 2x radius so raidus is 3

    sound right?
    thanks again guys and gals!
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    Its right.

    You couldve saved some time by dividing both sides by pi in the first step
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    Just for reference, it is written pi. You can get the pi symbol by using LaTeX code. You write tex or itex in brackets and close them with /tex or /itex in brackets. Write \pi inbetween the code to get the symbol to show up.

    Like this: [tex]\pi[/tex], click the symbol to see the code to write it.
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    I like pie :tongue2: However, I believe you are referring to the mathematical constant which whozum correctly spelled pi ..

    If you want to make the symbol [tex] \pi [/tex] click on the one I made and a popup window will show the syntax you can use, to create it)

    (while I was writing this, i see Candyman has a similar suggestion, I wonder if he/she also likes pie :tongue2: )
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    You are too late, Fred. I sneaked up on it all unnoticed yesterday.
    You're welcome to the left-overs, however :smile:
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