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Circuit Analysis Problem [electrical engineering]

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Homework Statement


Homework Equations


The following is a homework/quiz problem that I've been given to complete for minimal marks. I understand fully that this forum is not a "hey, here's my assignments; please do them for me one". However, I fully intend to understand the principles behind the calculations as they will integral to my succes. The problem is as follows:


The Attempt at a Solution

An attempt has been made on paper, but I have not scanned it in as of yet. Unfortunately, I'm pretty stuck on all questions and how to even approach them. All help will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and this is my first post of hopefully many (hope to become a valued contributer here!)

Answers and Replies

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According to the rules of the forum, you have to show some work, before you get help.
Anyway I will give you a hint:
Replace the circuit between nodes A-B by its Thevenin equivalent prior to use mesh analysis.