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Circuit designer and hardware problems

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    Should every hareware circuit designer be able to repair computer hardware systems?
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    Depends on what you mean by "repair computer hardware systems". IMO, every hardware circuit designer should be able to draw a block diagram of a computer system, and then fill in the blocks down to the logic level. That doesn't mean that s/he would necessarily be able to troubleshoot a flaky Win NT installation on a PC, however. Why do you ask the question?
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    Chubby fingers are a handicap.
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    Wasn't redgoat was referring to computer hardware? :confused:

    IMO, It would not be an automatic understanding or skill. It would take a willingness on their part, to learn about the components involved. However I believe it would be easier for a hardware circuit designer to learn how to repair computer hardware, than the average layperson. After all, a PC is just a system of modular circuits. (understandably "chubby fingers" can make it more challenging :biggrin:)
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    The answer is NO!, because in this case your main impediment is human nature, and not the actual circuitry itself. Brand level manufacturers do all they can to make their equipment proprietary and hide its design from you, unless you are one of their assets. You can always get around that, but in most cases why put up with the hassle? Also, repairing computer hardware is becoming more and more a case of working with the software, and unless that is your specialty, why should you bother with it?

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    Yes, but I was referring to how flaky hardware problems can cause OS weird behavior that is really hard to track down. I probably didn't word it in the best way, though. Like, when you have some flaky bits in your RAM, and that shows up as occasional blue screens or program/OS crashes. Very hard to figure out. Or when you have an intermittant RF impairment that steps on your WiFi install sometimes, and causes problems that look like a software or OS issue.
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