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Circuits capacitors, voltage and charge problem.

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    A. Suppose in the figure that C1 = C2 = C3 = 54.2 microfarads and C4 = 68.1 microfarads.

    If the charge on C2 is Q2 = 62.4 microfarads determine the charge on each of the other capacitors.

    B. charge=voltage*capacitance
    series equivalent capacitance=1/c1 + 1/c2 + 1/c3 + ....
    Parallel equivalent capacitance= c1+c2+c3

    I just tried taking the voltage across the C2 then plugging it in to find the charge at c4 which i thought was 49.6 microfarads...I knew it was a long shot but its my last problem and I have no clue where to start.

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    Hi zyphriss2! :wink:

    To find the charge across C4, you obviosly need to know the voltage across C4 …

    how would you find that? :smile:
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