Classes to take to prepare for physics education grad school

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Would you guys suggest taking more advanced courses in physics or education for a junior and senior course load to prepare for grad school when you're majoring in physics education post undergrad?
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What are the pros and cons that you've identified?
The truth be told I'm not sure how a second course in quantum mechanics or a third in electrodynamics will fir to my skill set when I want to teach at the intro level. Also debating just going for straight physics but really don't see myself adapting well the the grind of acquiring grants and doing research. I want to focus on how to best educate my students and guide other professors on how to do the same. At the same time, I see that experiencing a vast sum of our knowledge of the basic mechanics will help me guide students who want to be physicists better. My research is also education based and diving into psychology will push my resume as an instructor more in the kinds of 9th secondaries I'm looking at. But a part of me wants to give full fledged physics a chance but yeah, jobs are scarce, and astrophysics is the only way I see myself enjoying the lab and I don't have a lot of credits beyond intermediate stellar structure courses. Jzust a cluster **** of don't know what to specialize in. Advisor I'd giving good insight but I need other opinions. Bottom line, I love the classroom more than the lab. So that's where my conversation should start.
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Do you think teaching at the community college level is still an option?

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