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Classic Cartoons

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    Today I woke up in the morning and I don't why but I had a craving for the classic cartoons. I still remember about those cartoons that I used to watch whole day during my childhood but they were not as good as cartoon of 1950 or earlier, basically every cartoon before 1995 are better than modern cartoons. Those cartoons were the best. The reason I like these cartoons is that they contains all sorts of weirdness and they also have very appealing picture quality [even though they are half a century old they invoke some emotions in me.]

    I want to watch these cartoons online and I am unable to find those classic cartoons on the internet. I tried bunch of site that has cartoons' archives. But they are mostly modern or not as old as I want them to be.

    I would be very happy if anyone can recommend some online sites that offer classic cartoons.

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    I grew up on the 80s/90s cartoons. Those are what I call classic :biggrin:
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    Do you know about any specific site?
    I actually found one few years back, but I forgot what site it was and now I am not able to find it.:frown::headbang:
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    I am definitely watching this one for complete 10 hours.
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    I truly like this a lot.
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    Your right about that era's animation the quirky humor is hard to beat. I recommend a quick search on you tube for "Fractured fairy tales" to get you in the mood. follow that up with most anything Chuck Jones did, Classic stuff there. If you want to see the darker side of that era's animation just search you tube for "Flintstones Winston". That's what I would call targeted marketing.
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    Just to be clear, Fractured Fairy Tales was Jay Ward.
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    I hope I didn't leave the impression that I thought Chuck Jones was involved with "Fractured fairy tales" That was most definitely Ward, and Hortons narration was What tied all the humor together. Jones was only mentioned as another example.:smile:
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    I loooved Teenage mutant ninja turtles :-) The yellow one, Michelangelo was my first love :-)
    And they always ate pizza but because it wasn't known here at that time I thought it was only something invented for the cartoon. Imagine my shock when I discovered that pizza actually exists in real life!!!
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    I always suspected TMN turtles was a subliminal attempt to engage kids with an aspect of culture (the names at least). Although it may have been a clever marketing tool for the pizza industry, still haven't decided which. :smile:
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    It seems every definable era of "toons" has its classics. I like anything from Felix the cat to Rango.:oldcool:
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    That is the good stuff right there! :partytime:
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    Watch betty boop "minnie the moocher"

    I love the looney toons. Some especially good offbeat ones are:
    1949 Dough For The Do-Do
    1950 Rabbit Of Seville
    1938 Have You Got Any Castles
    1946 Great Piggy Bank Robbery, The
    1939 Daffy Duck And The Dinosaur
    1957 Three Little Bops
    1942 Tale of Two Kitties, A

    I have the 6 DVD loony toon collection and also the 11 banned looney toons (racism) like 1943-01-16 Clampett - Coal Black & de Sebben Dwarfs
    Some of the WWII propaganda tunes are a bit wild, like 1943-05-15 McCabe - Tokio Jokio OR 1944-04-22 - Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips

    There some great WWII propaganda cartoons in the Internet Archive.
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    You just made my day. the site has very good collection of cartoons.
    thanks a lot
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    I really love looney toons.
    even the mickey mouse [earliest production] is just too good.

    I think they should start making cartoons like before.
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    I am making a cartoons archive for me and my friends . Can anyone please tell me how to download any video from the internet.
    I use macbook pro 15 2015 edition.
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    Wiki has rather extensive lists of cartoons.
    I only recognize about 20, mainly from 60's.
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    I think it will take a lot of time to collect all the classic cartoons
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    I have the full collection of Looney Tunes cartoons.. They're GREAT!

    And there's nothing like learning Physics from Coyote!
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    Yes! You are right.
    I used to believe that road runner was the fastest animal in the universe.
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    You can use IDM for Mac.
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