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CO2 in natural gas

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    Does any one know of a device that will measure the percentage of CO2 (about 5% and resolution down to 0.1%) in natural gas, in real time, the gas is at approx 40 bar and 30 Deg C.
    Thank you
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    A gas chromatograph?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You might check with these folks
    http://www.e2v.com/products-and-services/sensors/gas-sensors/ [Broken]
    http://www.e2v.com/assets/media/files/sensors_datasheets/IR/ir1xxx_ir2xxx_ser_1.pdf [Broken]
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    No, we have a gas chromatograph but the response is too slow, I'm trying to catch a rise in CO2 that is faster then the chromatograph will see.
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    Thanks Ivan I'll contact them.
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