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Homework Help: Coefficient of volume expansion of gas

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

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    Coefficient of volume expansion γ = ∆V/V∆T

    VT2 = constant

    Differentiating we get ,

    T2∆V + 2VT∆T = 0

    ∆V/V∆T = -2/T

    So , option 2) looks right . Is that correct ?

    How do I interpret the answer ? Does that mean the coefficient is a variable and is inversely proportional to temperature ? What does negative sign signify ?
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    Coefficient is negative as volume always decreases with increasing temperature in this scenario. Answer 2 is correct for the magnitude, and yes, it means the coefficient is variable and inversely proportional to temperature.
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    Thanks !
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