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College math help

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    Okay, I know i didn't check out this place in a long time but this is the question I now have.

    I have a 750 in SAT and 5 in AP. There are two options for me: math H161 which is my minimum option since I already have credit for math 150 due to my AP. Also, there is H191, which is described as Challenging for good andm otivated students. Now I love math, and I'd love to take the H191, but it says requirements are 5 in AP and over 700 in SAT or 3 or 4 in AP for calculus BC.

    I only took a calculus AB course but it was fairly easy for me. I would like to know if...even if I meet the reuqirments it would be suicide for me to take the H191 without BC. The minimum I'll take is the H160 but...I'd like to go in the H191. Would I be ok...or do i lack the basic math language to survive the H191 course, which is described as most rigurous course?

    Plz help i got meeting on monday!

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    Do you have a more detailed description of the course? Or can you at least tell us what collefe this is so that we could look it up ourselves? I would say that you would probably do fine in the 191 course if you are dedicated to it and will be able to keep up with the work regardless of prerequisites, but it is ultimately your own decision.
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    Ohio State University
    H190 Math.

    It says in the broshure it's designed to cahllenge the gifted...which scares me because I don't consider myslef "Gifted". If I can start...if the teacher doesn't start talking in Day 1 assuming I know things that I don't know...and it's been a whole summer so even stuff I should know might be shakey, well I'll panic and it will all spiral down from there. if I drop out of a class my beautiful Full Tuition will be taken away, however all my Honors classes in highschool seemed easy and very doable with minimum effort, even if I dodged Calculus BC for the same reason I'm worried about H190 now: I didn't know if I have the foundations for it.

    Well i could always commit mathematical Kamikazee and take the H190 and then...go for the H162 in second trimester, right? I guess I'll have to see the meeting but...I have to decide in the same day.

    my main problem is a lnie saying "Making students think mathematically". Well often in classes there are problems that solving method just comes to me, and often there are some that i look at and...I got no clue how to start. And knowing myself I usually jump from A to D- very quickly. And the teacher is looknig at those I have no clue and...has no trouble at all.

    I would still prefer to gain the "math thinking" skill but I am hoping they don't wnat me to have it already...because there are times even on AP when I pick an answer just bc it's even and the question has a lot of 4s and 8s in it...It happened.


    Edit: ok here it is:


    Functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, applications of the derivative, the integral, inverse functions, techniques of integration, applications of integration.

    Au Qtr. 5 cl. H161 (honors) may be available to students enrolled in an honors program or by permission of department or instructor. Prereq: Course Code L placement and high school calculus experience or permission of dept; prereq for H161: Math 151 or permission of dept. 161 not open to students with credit for 152; H161 has no exclusion. The sequence 161-162-263 covers calculus at an accelerated pace for students with superior algebraic and geometric skills, and with previous calculus experience. 161 assumes mastery of the computational aspects of polynomial and trigonometric differentiation and will concentrate on integral calculus.


    The first of an enriched honors calculus sequence designed to introduce students to the mathematical underpinnings of analysis.

    Au Qtr. 5 cl. Prereq: Permission of dept. H190, H191, and H264 substitute for 151, 152, 153, 254, and 551.


    Not a lot of info although I can take H161 without problems as my clac AB touched all those subjects briefly.


    So what I understand is that H190 is a more accelerated H161? If that's so...I'm jumping right into H190 \m/0.0\m/
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    In H161, you are just given a bag of tricks to play around with, in H190, you actually strart learning some actual math (understanding proofs and such).

    This is, at least, how it looks to me given your descriptions, I would recommend you to take H190.
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    I know there are many of you who can't sleep and keep on twisting and turning all night not knowing what courses I selected so I'll fill you in:

    I got H161 Math (The H190 was described as insanely difficult and...not for my major so why bother)

    EngineeringH191 (I signed up for regualr but they bumped me up because I was way overqualified)

    Physics131 (I) (I signed up for Chemistry and they sent me in the adanced physics...)

    and an engineering 100 class that everyone takes one class per week.

    total 15 hours...I need a GPA of 2.7 to keep my scholarship and by extension my body and soul in the same space at the same time...

    Can anyone tell me if I just commited social, financiar and temporal suicide? Or is all this doable? I meet the qualifications but I wanted to purposelly take 'dumb" classes so I have a small slope out of highschool but...they had a different oppinion and I decided not to argue with their pairings.
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