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Color sensor measurement problem

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    Hi guys, im currently undergoing some measurement with TCS230 light to frequency converter, its actually a cmos color sensor, so the measurement result was made in period measurement.

    For white the output was not almost the same, but actually according to bitmap resolution, the R,G,B value for white is 255,255,255, but through this sensor, the output frequency is not really that similar, it actually varies. and for black its suppose to be R,G,B=0,0,0 and the output of the sensor is not really similar.

    same when i place the sensor on Red which is R,G,B=255,0,0 and there is no green or blue intensity on this particular color, but still im getting output reading. so i need suggestion that what would be the problem? i feel its related to physics.
    here is the link for datasheet of the sensor im using. thank you.
    http://www.w-r-e.de/robotik/data/opt/tcs230.pdf" [Broken]
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    Look at the data sheets PHOTODIODE SPECTRAL RESPONSIVITY. Do you not see that the three color overlap?
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