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Compact Notation of RxN Mechanism

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    Hello all!

    I am reading through a combustion text and I am a little flustered by this notation:


    Am I correct in saying that the "coefficient matrices" {[itex]{\nu'_{ji}}[/itex]} and {[itex]{\nu''_{ji}}[/itex]} are not really "proper" matrices in the sense that there is not a vector that can multiply them that will result in the system of equations given by 4.29? Or is there? And I am just too tired to figure this out?

    Also, the fact that the ij indices are reversed from normal convention (i.e., i = row index and j=column index) is really driving me batty!
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    Hmmm ... maybe I am Wrong here and I AM just tired:

    I guess if we multiply [itex]\nu'_{ji}[/itex] by the column vector
    \left( \begin{array}{c}

    The index thing is still bothering me. Usually when we see Amn we have a matrix in which there are 'm' rows and 'n' columns ...
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