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Complete list of physics equations?

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    This may be somewhat of an odd request, but I need a list of all physics formulas in the broad subject of physics (probably just into to physics level), preferably in plaintext.

    Anyone know where I can get this? I'm not looking to study it, so I'm not looking for a list of nicely categorized formulas; I just need a raw list of physics formulas.

    Pure, raw, information.
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    Just as many as possible.
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    F=ma, the rest you can just derive :rofl:

    In all honesty, that site Dthielke posted is quite nice! It looks like it covers quite a number of the equations you see in the first few semesters. In the big picture, however, you're seemingly asking for the equivalent of "Can someone show me a list of every food ever made". You consider a new situation/ingredient and all of a sudden you have a new family of equations or family of ...foods haha.
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    Argh... Does anyone remember that guy who came on these forums like 9-12 months ago and started up a website which was just this -- a database of equations? I can't recall the URL... anyone?

    Edit: Ah sweet, old e-mails! It's far from complete, but it's something:
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    Ah, damn. I'm looking for a plaintext list.
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    The College Board link is great, but I would like those formulas in plaintext rather than LaTeX.
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    Yes, I remember the formula database. You can actually start editing and adding formulas to the list now. I'm just curious how much bandwidth the website has. The site has a potential to become 'popular' and contain a huge list of formulas
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    I noticed some traffic from this location so I thought I might check it out....
    Currently, we are coming close to releasing Formula Database 2.0, however with classes it has been difficult to focus on developing the site. We have a new database layout along with a specifically design cache system which should "theoretically" handle some 10,000,000+ requests per day. We also have a bandwidth of 100Gb/month and enough space to hold over 1 million formulas and text without much trouble. You can add formulas using the old format, but the new version will be much easy since we will be storing variable objects for different symbols and their definitions. The new version will incorporate object based searches, pattern recognition, relationship queries, and a better ranking mechanism as opposed to the simple keyword search. Some other highlights include more user options like the ability to create lists and flashcards. We are hoping to finish everything this summer and may also be applying to be a foundation/charity in the future. If anyone has any comments or questions you can post them here.
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    I just submitted the Einstein Field Equations =D
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