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Compressor wanted - produce up to 100 bar/1450 psi @ 40Vdc

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    Compressor wanted -- produce up to 100 bar/1450 psi @ 40Vdc

    I'm searching for a compressor that is compact but is able to produce up to 100 bar/1450 psi. It also should work on max 40V DC. Please say if you know similar compressors!
    Thanx already :)
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    Jordair makes Breathing Air compressors for applications like SCUBA, SCBA (for firefighters), things like that.

    These compressors can fill tanks up to ~4500 psig. They are not cheap, and I doubt they run on 40 V DC. 100 bar is very high, these aren't little handheld units, you realize, right?
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    Yes i realize that, but it still should fit in a 30cm by 20 cm. At least That would be optimum...
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    I don't think that exists.
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    Well what do you think is the smallest?
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    The ones by Jordair, probably... They're not much bigger, but they're bigger. http://jordair.ca/products/diveline.html

    Also, unless you go with the gas powered option, you'll likely be looking at a power source requirement of 208, 230, or 460 V AC. Not many people make small, high pressure compressors. There just isn't really a market for it. Also, I don't think it's possible to get enough power out of a 40 V DC power supply to supply anywhere near 1500 psig.
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    The RIX Microboost is only 1/2 hp but the motors are AC. There are also small, air powered compressors such as from Haskel and Hydraulics International (they have a crappy web site so give them a call). Also check with Shoebox. I realize none of these are driven by 40 VDC power but I don't think you'll find that. It's too oddball. Maybe convert to AC or run a DC powered low pressure air compressor for a booster? Good luck.
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    Are you compressing air for human breathing ?
    What CFM do you require ?

    Gas compressors are different to Hydraulic pumps. Gas compressors have less dead space = higher compression ratio, and a much greater compressed gas cooling requirement.
    24VDC motors are widely available. For hydraulic equivalents, see this site;
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    I forgot about Air Amplifiers, only problem with them though is that you need a compressed air supply to feed them. So you'd need two systems running simultaneously (not a bad idea, just a lot bigger and more complex).
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