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Computer Engineering or Computer Science?

  1. Dec 4, 2009 #1
    I have heard that many of the Computer Engineering hardware jobs are mostly outsourced these days. Is this true? I'm kind of frustrated because I don't mind programming but I like learning about hardware too.

    But, I know there are tons of programming jobs. Can someone with a CE degree still get a programming job doing high level code like Java or is that a job for a CS degree?
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    Welcome to the PF. One of the cool features here, is that once you start a thread, there is a section down at the bottom of the thread that shows Related Threads. There appear to be a number of them! Wow. The first one has 28 posts, so hopefully it will help you out some. Here's the direct link:


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    Sentience, I've interviewed a number of people over the last ten years for Java development positions. If you've taken the required courses, you can get work as a programmer. My own degree isn't in computer programming and I've done fine.

    After reading the link that berkeman posted, there was one good insight to getting a job that I definitely agree with - netspeak, sloppy writing, etc. do get noticed on resumes and correspondence. If I have a choice between two identical developers, guess who I'm going to choose? BTW, that advice is for anyone else who may be reading this - your writing is fine.
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