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Comsol data transfer

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    Comsol data transfer (urgent)

    I am trying to model a system which should simulate in two modules in Comsol. First I have to run the problen in electrostatic toolbox and then load the field data generated in this model to the in-plane wave model and run it in this model. Is anybody know how to do this interpolation?
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    Re: Comsol data transfer (urgent)

    Might be easiest to do it "coupled", i.e. solve both application modes in same model and use results extracted from other some way in the other (either use the application mode variables in defining values, like initial values for example, of the other in the other; or extract an initial condition (solver specs) from the other application mode). Sure, you can do some export -- import of data as well (under the file menu), but might be simpler to do it without.
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    Re: Comsol data transfer (urgent)

    Thank you for your help. That helped me a lot.
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