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I want to model the em wave interaction to a metal ...can i do this without the RF module??? I want to model the coupling of em waves to metal particles, so is it possilbe to do without RF module since my organisation have not subscribed for RF module...
pls reply
Re: Modeling EM transmission

I too having a similar problem.I want to design a 100umX2um cross section strip for an RF wave to pass through.I want that subdomain to be copper.But when i give the subdomain as copper the wave is not going.But when i use air with perfect electric conductor as boundary condition the wave is going through.That is basically modelling a waveguide.But i want to model a metallic strip for the wave to go through. The application mode i used is 3D electromagnetic waves.Can someone please help me..?
Re: Modeling EM transmission

hi timepasser...Is this 3D electromagnetic wave mode in RF module or any other module....unfortunatly i dont have RF module.....please reply...
I am trying to do in electromagnetics module. Is there a separate rf module to do such stuff. If so please tell me rr00053.
I have heard that you can do these kind of modelling in RF module...but since i dnt have RF module i dont knw much about that....but i guess that we can do this using RF module.....

Can you please explain me how you did this in electromagnetics that I can also try it ...
Do you have electromagnetics module?
What I tried to do is : First I created a metallic strip and then defined it as copper in the subdomain settings.One boundary I set as input port with the wave excitation at that boundary.There is a column where you can select this.The boundary opposite t this I set as port alsobut no wave excitation here.The other boundaries you tr with perfeect electric conductor boundzary setting,or scattering boundary or electric filed.All are giving identica results.But the problem I am facing is that I think the wave is not going through after a liitle disatnce into the strip.You can see this fromthe power flow plot . the power goes to zero from around 1e10 to 0 soon after the wave enters the metal. I dont know whyt this is happening.Do you have any idea.If so tell me.Also tell me whether there is a separate rf module and a separate electromagnetics module.
Hi timepasser... In the electromagnetics module which am having I have 4 subdivisions...namely conductive media DC, electrostatics, magnetostatics,
AC power electromagnetics....
I which of the above modules did you try out this example....
please reply

and about the RF module ..yes comsol do offer a seperateRF module which we have to buy it seperatly...unfortunatly my organisation doesnt have that module and we have requested the COMSOL to give a free trial period for 2 weeks...we didnt get any response as of now...and i think both of us are trying to find out something in similar though nt exactly please do keep in touch ....
Dear rr00053 I understood your problem. You are trying to model it not in electromagnetics module but in electromagnetics application mode.Both are different .I have a different electromagnetics module like Mems module which is different from the electromagnetics application mode you are talking about. In the electromagnetics module you have a separate mode called 3d electromagnetics wave mode where you can do your stuff.I think the solution to both of our problems is in that module only.I dont hink you will find a olution to your problem in the electromagnetics mode you are talking about. The electromagnetics module I am talking abput is just a different name for the rf module you are talking about. I hope I am clear. I am sorry for you because unless you have electromagnetics module/rf module i dont think there is a solution to your problem.
Dear Timepasser.... thanks for helping me...i am trying to get that electromagenetic application mode.....thankyou very much for that useful information...
Dear Timepasser...I have ordered for the RF module/ electromagenetic module which we were discussing about...I may get it next week... did you solve the problem which you were facing? Please reply
Hi timepasser,
I am getting back to you for the old problem which u did? I now have the 3D electromagnetics module... so can you help me how you tackled to study the propogation of wave through the metal strip...that would be very helpful to me...
Please do reply..

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