Conductivity of Copper Against Copper

  1. Hi I was wondering if I took two peices of copper and held them together then ran a current through the connection what would the resistance of that be? Would it theoritically be zero, but in real life be some very small but insignificant amount?

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    It depends on details of how flat, smooth and clean the surfaces are and how much force you put on them to push them together.
    Ultimately they join into one piece of copper and then the resistance is just that of a single piece of copper.
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    That falls under the term "contact resistance", and depends on the pressure and the surface texture, etc.

    The subject of "contact resistance" and reliability is a whole area of study when it comes to connectors -- how can you make the most reliable and long-lived contact possible...

    EDIT -- mgp_phys beats me to the punch again....
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