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Homework Help: Confusingly worded integral

  1. Mar 12, 2005 #1
    hey everyone, this is my first post at this physicsforums.com dealy. i have a take home exam and i'm havin a rough time with the way the prof worded this question:

    Consider a sphere of radius R centered at Ro (Ro is a vector) and a constant vector c which specifies a point in the sphere, where the origin of these vectors is arbitrarily chosen somewhere in space.

    A) find the following integral:

    (double integral sign) da / |c - r |

    where da is an infinitesimal outward area vector at r on the surface S of the sphere. Express your answer in terms of Ro and c .

    .....so that's it....i'm confused about the components of Ro and c and r....and whether or not i even need them to do the equation....if anyone could get me started (or even finished...hehe) that would be really appreciated!!!! THANKS
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