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Confusion of college major :cry:

  1. May 8, 2005 #1
    i am planing on my major at this moment, and i am so confussed now because i dont know what way i should take.

    here is some personal information about me
    I am pretty confident in math and i have just taken AP Calculus BC, Phy-B, Phy-C, Chem, Environmental science, Computer Science A, and Statistic. let assume that i magically pass all of them, i will receive few college hours. However, i am planing to get 2 degrees from Math and EE.

    Should i double major in both at the first place, and then get an MA in one field
    or i should join some programs like "Fast Track", so that I can get a MA in 5 years. Then i pursue the other degree later on?
    or if i should just get pursue a PhD in a particular field?
    (these are just ideal situations... lol, but i still have to plan)

    and what kind of engineering requires the most mathematical understanding?

    could someone give lost little kid some advise plesae.
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    How about a minor in Mathematics?

    By the way, wrong forum...
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    I am more intersted into Math than engineering, so I think math will be my "major" major, and then i will apply my Math technique to engineering. (i dont think they have minor degree in engineering anyways), I am willing to go to school everyday day including summer because i just want to get my degree as soon as possible.
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    I think that if you want math to be your major major, then definatly focus on math first. get your B.S, and then Get your M.S or M.A. If you want to use your math for engineering w/out being an engineer, I imagine you would want to get a graduate degree in math.

    As for the engineering, math is an arts and science degree, meaning that it has room for many free electives. With this, use your free electives and summer classes to take engineering classes.....
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