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Homework Help: Conjugation of creation and annihilation operators - Fock's

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    I'm doing some exercise about second quantization.
    In a exercise about spiorial field I have to explicitly write the Hamiltonian of a Majorana-Langrangian, in terms of operators of creation and annihilation: [itex]A_{\vec{k},\lambda}[/itex] that acts on Fock's space.

    The point is that during the calculation it is appearing [itex]A_{\vec{k},\lambda}^{\star}[/itex], and [itex]A_{\vec{k},\lambda}^{T}[/itex]. And actually I don't know how these operators act! Does it exits some kind of relation like [itex]A_{\vec{k},\lambda}=A_{\vec{k},\lambda}^{\star}[/itex]?
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