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Homework Help: Conservation of motion and basketball shot

  1. Oct 6, 2013 #1
    A basketball of mass 0.624 kg is shot from a vertical height of 1.55 m and at a speed of 12.1 m/s. After reaching its maximum height, the ball moves into the hoop on its downward path, at 3.05 m above the ground. Using the principle of energy conservation, determine how fast the ball is moving just before it enters the hoop.


    I've tried plugging the numbers in an I come up with an answer of 13.26 m/s. However this is incorrect. I believe I might be thinking of where the ball is being shot from differently.


    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dominic.
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    It looks like you have the formula correct, and you have put the numbers in correctly, but you must have made a mistake doing the calculation. You are taking the 12.1^2, adding a negative number, then taking the square root, so the answer needs to come out less than 12.1 m/s. Check the calculation again.
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    Got thanks! I actually just calculated the balls maximum height and then treated it as a free fall problem.
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    Glad to help. Don't forget the Thanks button!
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