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Considering MSc in Materials Science or BEng in ChemEng

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm Decky. I have a Degree in Chemistry. Currently working as a Process Technician in the are of API production. I work away from home, only getting back home at the weekends to see my family. I'm considering doing either a Masters in Materials Science or a BEng in Chemical Engineering. I've joined Physics Forums in the hope that I can decide which one to do. Any advice or help would be very much appreciated.

    The MSc in Material Science would only cost me about £5k. It is delivered by distance/online learning and would take 3 years parttime. For the Masters you pick which modules you wish to do. I would pick magnetic and electronic materials, and Thin Film Techniques and Sensor Technology. Seagate Technology is a huge employer near where I live and these modules would help me get a job with them. The main benefit being that I would be at home with my family all week but I would probably start off on less pay than I'm on now.

    The BEng in Chemical Engineering is £17k and is also via distance/online and would take 3 years parttime. This degree would probably be more relevant to what I'm currently doing. However, the cost is huge and the job it would lead to would probably be away from home, meaning I'd be stuck travelling home for weekends with my family while spending all week alone. The salary would be much higher though.
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