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Homework Help: Constant velocity

  1. Feb 4, 2009 #1
    Hey guys, I really don't know how approach this easy physics problem.

    You have a turtle and a rabbit. Constant speed of turtle is 0.2m/s of the rabbit 8 m/s. They both compete over a distance of 1 km. At 0.8 km the rabbit stops to teaste the turtle. How close to the goal can the rabbit let the turtle approach before resuming the race, which the turtle wins in a photo finish?
    Sounds easy, but I really do not know how to approach this! Maybe displacement?

    Thank you
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    I would approach this problem in the following steps:

    1) Figure out how long it takes the rabbit to go the first .8 km when he sits and waits.

    2) Figure out how far the turtle went in this time. (Set that value aside for a bit.)

    3) Figure out how long it will take the rabbit to go the last .2 km.

    4) Work backwards from the finish line and figure out how far away from the finish line the turtle would have to be to get to to the finish line just as the rabbit gets to it.

    5) From the answer to (2) and this last answer figure out how far the turtle has to go while the rabbit is sitting and how long it will take the turtle to travel that distance. That will tell you how long the rabbit can sit.

    I'm sure there are other ways to approach this problem, but this should do it.
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