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Constructing a circuit on NI ELVIS

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    I am having trouble constructing a circuit on the NI ELVIS breadboard. In the attachments are the circuit diagrams and the result I should be getting, the first picture is the one I constructed. I think my main problem is the rheostat, I don't know how to connect it. I tried looking on google but there seems to be no such rheostats like the one I am given. Look at the pictures, it's the blue one and it has a spinning thing going on (turning it clockwise will increase it's resistance). I am supposed to construct the circuit as shown in the diagram and first set the rheostat to 50%, the output wave should look like a sine wave. Next I have to set the rhoestat to 70% and I should get a square-like wave. The waves I should be getting are in the pictures.

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    Connect two of the pins together on your rheostat. If you don't mind I'll call it a pot (short for a potentiometer).

    The middle pin of the pot is called the wiper. As you turn the screw the wiper moves up and down on a resistive element. Look at your circuit diagram and imagine the arrow literraly moving up and down on that resistor. At the top, the wiper will completely bypass the resitor and create a short. At the bottom, the wiper will be at the bottom of the resistor and it's full resistance will be on that branch.

    In your physical wiring you are only using the pot as a simple resistor. The wiper isn't connected to anything.
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