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Contemporary Issues In Industrial Systems Engineering?

  1. Nov 27, 2012 #1
    Hello Physics Forums!

    I need a bit of help. I'm aware that this is not a HW thread, but your help is greatly needed. This could be posed as a general discussion question if this is of any concern.

    An assignment requires that I have to do research of several contemporary issues in ISE. However, ISE, being the unpopular kid among the engineering disciplines, barely has any information on itself, much less its contemporary issues or current problems or issues in its field this day and age.

    If there are any industrial or systems engineers here on this forum or anyone that knows anything, what are some contemporary issues for ISE's?

    The only ones I have so far is operations management, healthcare, and business analytics.
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    I think you found a good one to discuss. I'm a mechanical engineer and I didn't even know that was a stream of engineering. Well it isn't according to Engineers Australia.
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    Since I'm not familiar with IE/ISE either, I did a Google search. There appear to be lots of relevant things discussed in the hit list:


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    You could talk about how work in factories and manufacturing industry seems to be leaving the developed nations in Western Europe and North America and being set up in East and Southeast Asia.

    You could get into the greed which company owners exhibit as such trends start to have an effect. Or how some workers may be abused and not paid enough etc.
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    Find some journals (there are plenty of them, according to Google) and see what people are writing papers about.
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