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Contests being run in Neopia

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    I have noticed a couple of problems in the homework area that would seem to be of dubious social value.

    They relate apparently to contests being run in Neopia - a virtual Pet site that apparently has recently asked a stationary orbit problem as a part of a contest to win "Neopoints" or something like that.


    I must say that I am happy to help on occasion actual students that are grappling with actual problems, but this seems to be less comfortable.

    Wikipedia has an entry about Neopia and there are some issues about gambling that have been raised about their contests and games of chance.

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    Re: Neopia

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You can also use the Report button to notify us of potentially questionable posts if you encounter more of them that we don't see (with so many homework threads, we really do rely on all the extra eyes of our members to find problems and report them).
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    Re: Neopia

    I think asking for help with a puzzle from a kids site is fine, but it looks like there is a problem with some of the people asking.
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