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Control a motor or a light using visual basic

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    can anyone tell me how to control a motor or a light using visual basics (i know how o use visual basics but i dont know how to use it to control a motor or something)
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    How is it connected to the computer? Serial port?
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    Back in the days of Dos and Windows 95/98/ME, when programs could directly access ports, the pins of the parallel port could be toggle to drive a stepper motor. Normally only 4 pins were required for a standard stepper motor. In the old days, timer0 could be used to control the time intervals, but now Pentiums include a high speed timer that could be used instead.

    For Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, you'd need a driver that provided an interface to control the motor.

    You didn't specify how the PC interfaces to the motor.
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