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Control engineering Vs. Communication enginering

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    Question is simple. Your opinion all round?

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    What do you mean by communication engineering? Do you mean designing RF circuitry for wireless communication, or more into the band and bandwidth, modulations like QAM, OFDM etc.?

    Control engineering is more about closed loop feedback design, it usually is more electronics oriented except on slower system that people use software to do the closed loop control. It is not the most challenging type of design. Nothing like the RF and microwave electronics design.

    If it is like the modulations and calculate QAM etc which I am not very familiar. Seems like it is more about calculation of the system through put, It involve math like Fourier Transform, Probability, Statistic, etc. Not exactly very deep into electronics. Excuse me if I have this one wrong. I read a little into this and I was stopped because I forgot most of the probality and never really get into statistics. Knowing Fourier Transform is not enough for me to understand the detail of calculating bit error rate and all. I am more the electronics person and I loss interest after a while on this.

    If you refer to is RF, then I feel that is the most interesting. I spend quite a few years studying EM and RF circuitry design. I find this is the most challenging( difficult) and rewarding.

    Bottom line is choose what you like, don't choose by the job opportunity as it change from time to time. What I wrote is basically on my own interest that might not apply to you.
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    I share your taught, none of the areas are not specified tight, so... that's why I need all round (or wide) opinion. Job opportunities, salary, best specialisation, etc...
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    Look at job sites to find out about job opportunities and salary. But still, go with what you like, that's the most important thing.
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    jim hardy

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    "Know thyself"

    if you like huge machinery control field might be the place. Power generation, transportation, manufacturing, all are enjoying increasingly sophisticated control systems.

    You'll find feedback theory changes your view of how Mother Nature runs things.
    e.g. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/06/14/the-thermostat-hypothesis/
    (last comment there is mine)

    Communications is IMHO more "hip". But i have no experience in that field so won't comment.
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    How about a little of both?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCADA" [Broken]
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