What is Control engineering: Definition and 55 Discussions

Control engineering or control systems engineering is an engineering discipline that applies control theory to design equipment and systems with desired behaviors in control environments. The discipline of controls overlaps and is usually taught along with electrical engineering and mechanical engineering at many institutions around the world.The practice uses sensors and detectors to measure the output performance of the process being controlled; these measurements are used to provide corrective feedback helping to achieve the desired performance. Systems designed to perform without requiring human input are called automatic control systems (such as cruise control for regulating the speed of a car). Multi-disciplinary in nature, control systems engineering activities focus on implementation of control systems mainly derived by mathematical modeling of a diverse range of systems.

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  1. curiousPep

    Engineering Can I use root locus when the input is the negative feedback?

    I have used root locus before but my confusion now is that the input is the negative feedback. Usually when I have negative feedback I consider the the error between the input (ideal) signal and the observed signal. Also, in this case what is the tranfer function since u = -k*y, and what does...
  2. P

    Engineering How do I use Simulink to create a control system with a 2nd order ODE?

    Equation: , where matrix D, C, G and F can be represented by I'm supposed to design a control system that looks like this: I am given that the dynamic model = fcn(D,C,G,dq) where the dq is the same as 𝑞̇ and d2q in the diagram is the same 𝑞̈. The default initial value of [𝑞(0), 𝑞̇(0)] is...
  3. K

    Engineering Analyzing the Nyquist Curve for a 5th Order System

    The Nyquist curve for a fifth order system with transfer function G(s) is given in the attached photo. Here we have plotted G(iω) for both positive and negative frequencies ω. The transfer function G(s) has no poles or zeros strictly on the right side of the imaginary axis Point −1 is marked...
  4. Y

    Understanding and Tuning Non-Linear PID Controllers for UAVs

    Hello, I'm working on a project controlling a UAV (quadcopter) I'm trying to understand non-linear PID controllers. I know that a linear PID is given by: and a non-linear PID the konstant terms are replaced with functions My question is: how to i find these function and tune the paremeters, i...
  5. Y

    How Do You Convert Drone Position Errors into Roll and Pitch Angles?

    Hi guys We have a problem we we are building a flight controller for a drone, but fail to understand how to construct the position controller. It takes the x, y positions and the angle in between them which we call yaw. How to compute the angles roll and pitch for the desired x and y positions...
  6. I

    AS-Interface control cabinet module

    Hello everyone, can somebody please explain me what is the function of this relay. I can't understand it from their datasheet. Thanks. https://www.ifm.com/ua/en/product/AC2258?tab=details
  7. PaxFinnica96

    Tank Change in Flow Process Modeling

    Hi All, I'm really struggling with the below question - I'm not sure if I've taken the correct approach to determining the model as there may be an easier way to do this? Any help in much appreciated, please let me know if I have submitted this template correctly as this if my first time...
  8. A

    Can a Transfer Function be Used with a Fuzzy Controller for a Prosthetic Hand?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm working on designing a fuzzy controller, okay so i have a transfer function of a prosthetic hand (23s^2+ 12s+.. / 10s^3 + s^2 + ...) per say, so i have 3 outputs and 2 inputs. How can I use only the transfer function and use it with a fuzzy controller?
  9. Alex Paul

    Equivalence of torque & angular velocity transfer function

    Hello all, I was doing some behavioural modelling of the torque transfer characteristics of a belt drive system from the driver pulley to the driven pulley. While doing the same, i have tried to see how the angular velocity is getting transferred as well. I would explain my point with the...
  10. thegreengineer

    Control of an inverted pendulum (or any other dynamic system in general), how to implement it?

    Good afternoon people. I wanted to implement a physical system using control just to put into practice what I have learned in school. To be more specific: I would like to implement an inverted pendulum like the one on the photo In this system a control input (a force u) drives the cart (mass...
  11. S

    I What is the difference between phase space and state-space?

    In state space, the coordinates are the state variables of a system.So,each point in state space represents a specific value of state variables.Thus,state space representation represents the changes in a dynamical system. The state variables are the minimum number of variables which uniquely...
  12. Abdul Wali

    Disadvantages of unnecessary increase in PID gain

    hi, I read somewhere that if we increase the PID gains unnecessarily, it will cause more energy consumption of the controller and it will lead to noise and distortion in the practical. May someone please give me more explanation on this?? that how it lead to noise or distortion in practical??
  13. navierstokes

    Courses Aerodynamics and flight mechanics for control engineering

    I have a huge interest in aviation and aerodynamics, despite being an EE student. I took Fluid Mechanics courses as electives, and I'm learning some aerodynamics on my own. I was thinking if there is any field of work where the knowledge of both an EE and aerodynamics/flight mechanics would be...
  14. Abdul Wali

    Time Delay Margin: Good Large or Small?

    I have a question regarding the time delay margin. I know the definition of time delay margin now I want to know that for the stability of the system is it good to have large time delay margin or small time delay margin?
  15. Abdul Wali

    MATLAB Matlab Derivative block analysis and filter design

    Hi, May someone helps me regarding this!? i have a controller which will control AC motor as attached. in this controller, a stage comes where I need to use a Derivative Block before point 'B' as shown in the attached picture " controller block diagram" [...
  16. Abdul Wali

    Design of High Pass filter to eliminate an instability in my control system

    HI, i have a first order controller (ts/ks+k) which contain some oscillations and its settling time is very huge, i wanted the controller to have settling time of 10seconds and remove the oscillations. in order to remove the noise and get the expected settling time i added a filter ( s/cs+1)...
  17. Abdul Wali

    Model AC Servomotor with Dynamic Load Torque

    Hi, i want to model an AC Servomotor where i assume that a dynamic load is attached to the shaft of AC Servomotor. the paper that i have attached to this post has ac servomotor model running without load that's why in equation 5 TL(s) (the load torque)=0 . Now i want to include TL(s) in the...
  18. thegreengineer

    Understanding Root Locus Method: Stability and Response of Control Systems

    Good afternoon people; recently I decided to give a study break from control engineering; now I'm back. I'm studying again control theory and I see some good results. By the way I got stuck in a topic called root locus method. Now my issue is not about how to sketch the root loci graph (BTW I...
  19. mattyboson12

    Control systems -- input with non-zero initial conditions

    Homework Statement Deriving an s-domain equation for the following inputs a) &b) The Attempt at a Solution I understand how to derive the equation for an input with zero initial conditions (part a) but I'm not sure what to do when there are non-zero initial conditions (part b)
  20. M

    What Are Alternative Terms for Moving a Pickoff Point in Control Engineering?

    I would like to ask about some terms of control engineering. What are other common expressions for "moving a pickoff point" which can be used as" moving a pickoff point behind of a block" or as "moving a pickoff point ahead of block." Source:Self-made Thank you.
  21. G

    What is a feed through term in block diagram?

    I`m reading some paper about control engeneering. But I don`t know what is feed through term exactly. Is it a connection between some point in one circuit?
  22. thegreengineer

    Control theory: block diagram, problem (detailed below)

    I´m taking a course on control engineering and I have a test next Tuesday so I need to study the basics which are: Laplace transform, simplification of block diagrams, and analysis of transient and steady state responses. Right now I am dealing with the second one. I know the basic rules of...
  23. T

    Find transfer function in relation to the disturbance

    Suppose you are given a first order system whose transfer function is HP(s) = KP/(TP*s + 1). Now, you want to control this system using a standard P (proportional) controller whose transfer function is HR(s) = KR (a proportionality coefficient). There is also disturbance that acts upon this...
  24. MexChemE

    Types of signals in process control

    Hello, PF! I've been learning some process control on my own lately, and some questions have come to my head while on it. Consider the following on-off control loop: Let's say we want to control the temperature of the fluid inside the tank. We set up an on-off control loop and establish a...
  25. A

    Mathematics courses for a PhD in Control Engineering

    Hi, I am new here and this is going to be my first post. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and I am absolutely fascinated by control engineering. I want to know whether I should take advanced math courses in order to better prepare myself for a PhD in Control...
  26. navierstokes

    Courses Control for Aerospace Systems?

    Hi, MechE student here! I've become quite interested in control theory recently, and I've been studying it a lot. I thought about specializing myself in this field, but also, I want to work with aerospace. The problem is that control engineering looks like a EE field, and I fear that I wouldn't...
  27. J

    Bode Plot Notation: Gain & Phase Margins Explained

    Hi, i was just wondering if someone would be able to tell me what ωπ means when finding the gain and phase margins on a bode plot?
  28. T

    Second Order Transfer Function Question regarding Overshoot

    Homework Statement If I have a closed loop second order transfer function such as: $$\frac{10-s}{0.3s^2+3.1s+(1+24K_{C})}$$ Can I still use this formula for overshoot (when a step input is applied) ?: $$\frac{A}{B}=e^{\frac{-\pi \zeta}{\sqrt{1-\zeta^2}}}$$ Where B is the step input size I...
  29. G

    Control Transfer functions basics

    Hello, I got the following diagram, shown below, and I have to derive its transfer function. I think I have a general misunderstanding about the transfer functions. What I think it is, is: output/input basically. As input is the whole block of things that affect the output. This is the system...
  30. navierstokes

    Control Systems of Turbomachinery?

    I'm a sophomore of Mechanical Engineering, but I do like delving into more advanced subjects that I haven't seen in undergrad yet, and among those are fluid dynamics. I've made a little bit of research into turbomachinery (while looking for some classes that could interest me hereafter) and...
  31. ramzerimar

    Engineering Do Control and Automation Engineers ever code?

    From what I've seen, most engineers - outside software engineers - work with Matlab and spreadsheets like Excel. I don't know how to code in Matlab yet, so I'm not sure about how different it is from traditional programming languages like C/C++. I'm more interested in Control Engineers - and...
  32. S

    Question about a Mass-Spring-Damper

    Homework Statement 1) The schematic diagram for the suspension system at one corner of a road vehicle is shown below. The displacement of the road wheel is denoted x, and the resultant displacement of the vehicle body is y. IMAGE - http://imgur.com/VxKx5Qq Values of the spring rate, k, damping...
  33. vinicius0197

    Courses Choosing Between Aerospace and Control Engineering

    Hey everyone. I'm a student of Mechanical Engineering right now and even if I'm still a few years ahead to choose a field to major in, I like to have something in mind to focus on. First of all, I really appreciate the aerospace field. Airplanes and spacecraft were my main motivation in...
  34. C

    Simplifying a Rational Function with Intermediate Variables

    Homework Statement Hi, i have been trying to solve this equation for the past 2 hours but am not getting anywhere near the given answer. If anyone can solve this it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.Homework Equations The answer is circled in red and was derived from the line above it...
  35. O

    Masters in Control Engineering: Schools, Online & MEE Comparison

    I'm wondering if anybody can list some schools that offer a Masters in Controls Engineering. Preferably without a thesis and 100% online. Also, how would a Masters of Electrical Engineering (MSEE, M.eng) compare to a more specific degree (such as controls, mechatronics, etc.)?
  36. K

    What are the physical implications of control theory in engineering?

    Hello, I'm a mechanical engineering major/electrical engineering minor university student. A huge part of mechanical and electrical engineering is control theory, which I enjoy immensly. I have yet to take any ME control electives but took a systems/stability course as my last EE elective...
  37. Femme_physics

    Engineering Laplace plane basic electronic circuit (topic from control engineering)

    Homework Statement C = 4 μF L = 0.2 Hy E is DC current. No internal resistance. Write an expression the the laplace plane transfer function, that relates current (that flows through resistor R) to the voltage E. (There is another question. I will just address the first one for...
  38. I

    Control engineering: lead and lag compensators

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but I'm an electrical engineer studying controls so here goes. Here's my background on what I know. Lead or lag compensators generally have the form C(s) = K*(s+z)/(s+p), i.e. the controller has a DC gain and introduces a pole-zero pair. In the case of a...
  39. Femme_physics

    Laplace plane meaning in control engineering ?

    We use this plane called the "Laplace plane" to solve problem in control-engineering, second order systems. Can anyone help explain the Laplace plane in simple words? I find the wiki article too fancy for me... it says that it "is a mean or reference plane about whose axis the instantaneous...
  40. B

    Writing up my control engineering dissertation,

    Hi I am i need of some advice with regards to completing my dissertation. It was based around the idea that i should develop a humidity based control system and integrate it into a temperature control chamber to fully develop an environment chamber. I am basically quite far behind in writing the...
  41. Femme_physics

    Finding system output (simple basic control engineering)

    http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/2350/qqqqmf.jpg http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/5246/transfixed.jpg I'm pretty sure I got the right system reaction. My problem is whether I got the right system output. Did I?
  42. Femme_physics

    Block Diagrams - Control Engineering. Basic Question

    (Go on easy on me, this is my first attempt and first course at control engineering) Homework Statement In systems who has a huge consumption of hot water, such as food factories, chemical industries or hospitals, it's customary to heat the water through fuel type "mazut". the hot water...
  43. T

    Control engineering Vs. Communication enginering

    Question is simple. Your opinion all round? Thanks.
  44. W

    Control Engineering: Block Diagram

    Hi guys, this is quite an inbetween question , not really homework but still theory. http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/1290/81696653.jpg Came across this diagram and was wondering if the arrow (in blue box) can be ignored ? Quite irritated by it now since I can't be sure how I should...
  45. D

    Order & Poles: Basics of Control Engineering

    Homework Statement In control engg. we define the order of the system as (or atleast as far as I have understood as) Nu/s^m*(s+a)(s+b)... I cannot understand the base for such classification? Why are we classifying systems based on the number of poles they have on origin? Homework...
  46. P

    Control Engineering Master's with Mediocre-Low Undergrad GPA. Possible?

    Hello, I am currently half way through my forth year of undergraduate electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo (Canada) and am considering going to graduate school for control engineering. Unfortunately, mostly due to poor work ethic on my part, my GPA is only about 3.3/4.0...
  47. S

    Control Engineering: State-Space & Quad Turbine UAVs

    I'm a having to place extremely coupled, nonlinear dynamics into state space form. I'm working on a quad turbine UAV. I myself have no experience with state-space or any form of control engineering for that matter. Do anyone know of good online reference material i could possible use...
  48. S

    Control Engineering: Learn the Fundamentals with Top Textbooks and Lecture Notes

    I am a second year student studying mechanical engineering and I severely need a good textbook or lecture notes(preferably) for control engineering that covers the followings: -Review of: partial fractions, complex numbers, Laplace transform techniques. - Introduction of open and closed loop...