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Convert a philosophical statement to a mathematical formula?

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    Is it possible to convert the statement 'Nothing matters' to a formula?

    Thanks in advance.
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    There is no single "correct" way. In general, there is no way to change any non-mathematical statement into a mathematical equation (or other mathematical statement) without choosing a specific "model". And there are always an infinite number of ways of doing that.
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    Thanks for your response.

    Can you possible steer me in the right direction for choosing a model? This is not my field. I am a writer briefly dipping his toe into an ocean of numbers.
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    [tex]\mathcal{M}=\emptyset[/tex], where [tex]\mathcal{M}[/tex] is the set of things that matter.
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    Thank you, CRGreathouse.
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    I would prefer symbolic logic over sets to mathematics,

    For all x: x is an element of Things, it is not true that there exists an x with property Matters.

    [tex]\forall x: x \! \in Things, \neg (\exists x \vee x \in Matters)[/tex]

    Besides, the upside down E's and A's are cool.
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    I like it! They're very cool.
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    Upside down E's ? :rolleyes:
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    The existential operator typeset as an upside down 'E.

    http://wapedia.mobi/math/XGV4aXN0c3t4fXtcaW59XG1hdGhiZntYfVwsIFAoeCk= [Broken]
    It is not a mirrored 'E. Note the position of the middle bar.
    The Mathfont used in PF does not do this justice.
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