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Convert device from AC to DC powered

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    I just bout some wireless controlled wireless outlets. Theses are what I bought: http://www.menards.com/main/electri...-wireless-remote-outlets-3-pack/p-1477247.htm

    I want change how they draw power and the functionality. I am new to circuits and have a novice knowledge. I want to have 3 wires that I am treating as independent of each other. I want to use the outlets to wireless disconnect all three of them simultaneously. I have no use to use all the extra power and voltage to just disconnect the wires. I am trying to make the whole unit self contained and would ideally like to run it all of 3 or 9 volts.

    What do I need to do accomplish this task?

    Any additional pictures of the device (inside and out) and information just ask!
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    It sounds like you should just use a low-voltage relay circuit, and not those wireless outlets.
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    I am not familiar with those. The reason I went to the wireless outlets is because I need them to be cheap (under $5) because I am making a number of them. And secondly I need them to be wireless. I need to be able to send a signal and activate the on/off. I am also looking to possibly make them Arduino controlled at a later point after I have mastered this conversion to DC and also the on/off of the three simultaneous wires.

    How would I make/use the low-voltage relay circuits? or the outlets.s
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    these will already be running off DC there will be an AC to AC voltage step down and an AC to DC rectifier inside.
    Are you still wanting them to switch AC mains on and off ? or are they going to be totally separate from the mains ?

    Give us ALL the information on what you are trying to achieve it saves us playing the 20 questions game :)

    if you have one opened up then sure let us see sharp close up pics of both sides of circuit boards and associated wiring

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    I am not sure what goes through the wires I am disconnecting but they are about 22-gague wires. They go into a molex plug and then into a circuit board. The board is plugged into the wall (AC) however it is converted to DC I think. So the main lines I want to disconnect are DC.

    Here are pictures of the board I will have to use multiple posts.
    This is the back side of the board. Red lead is power draw I think and the blue is the on off part, the giant silver circle is the channel select.

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    This is the other side

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    pic3 and pic4

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    Here are the last two. Pic5 and pic6
    I have no idea are what the red thing and the capacitors and resistors are used for. Thanks for the help.

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    Oh I should also explain how the blue and red wires go. The red goes to one of the outlet prongs and the blue comes from an outlet prong and goes to a inlet prong for the outlet.

    If you need more information let me know. I am sorry this is getting like 20 questions but I have not a clue what information is relevant or helpful.
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