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Homework Help: Convert octal to hex, w/out converting to Binary

  1. Aug 7, 2008 #1
    I am trying trying to convert a from octal to hex and hex to octal without using binary/dec transform using repeated divison... Logically I thought I could use the hex base in octal for repeat division which is 20 oct

    Example of problem I am trying to solve,

    Convert 326 octal to hex (ans 0xD6)

    326 oct / 20 oct = 16 oct remainder 6 oct = 0x6

    16 oct / 20 oct = 0 oct remainder 16 oct = 14 dec = 0xE!!??

    Reading UP^ most sig to least gives me 0xE6 not D6 i.e. im off by 1 hex char..?

    Another example 372 oct

    372oct /20 oct = 18 r 12
    18/20 = invalid octal number lol!

    Also how would I do hex straight to octal I.e. E7C -> oct?

    Please help...
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