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"converting" volts to watts

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    So, I know the basic equation of W=V*A, but how would I physically do this in a circuit? Say I have 90W=19V*4.74A (http://www.chargerbuy.com/replaceme...9DD87xaDL8SQcvxNtWCeo_2nl68GmdozOoxoCbW3w_wcB) for reference. In the project that I am undertaking I need to get as many Amps out of this as possible. Theoretically, I could get 90A out of this but I know it's highly unlikely. If there's at least a way to get 40A out of this circuit I would greatly appreciate knowing how to do so. I plan on cutting the proprietary plug and wring to the +/- leads. If you need any other info just reply, thanks.
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    The device that is shown in the picture is rarely capable at all to handle such high currents. In addition 40 A are far too dangerous to deal with on an amateur basis. The electronics will likely melt or burn. Plus it cannot be recommended to accidentally get in touch with it. So please stay away from this plan, you could severely get hurt or burn down the house.

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