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Coordinate system

  1. Aug 25, 2010 #1

    I see there are three 3D coordinate systems based on either 3 number (cartesian), 2 numbers and 1 angle (cylindrical) and 1 number and 2 angles (spherical). So can't there be a system based on 3 angles? Thank you.
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    Seems to me you would have some troubles defining the location of a point in space with 3 angles and no distances. Play with it see if you can see why.
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    I have to disagree with Integral here.

    Given three points initially, then the angles the lines from each of those points to point p make with the plane containing the three points are unique and will establish a coordinate system.

    If you already have a Cartesian coordinate system then (1, 0, 0), (0, 1, 0), and (0, 0, 1) will work nicely.
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    Wow! That is very nice. Thank you a lot.
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