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COP of a refrigerator

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    I think I have confused myself over the COP of a refrigerator. I have refrigeration system and a certain set of values which enable me to plot a P-s diagram. The refrigerant is R-12. I also have another set of 4 results for varying evaporator pressures, and I have drawn all these cycles on thte P-s diagram. I have calculated the corresponding enthalpy values for all the sets of data and also h2' (based on ideal cycle) for each set. My question is.....for one set of data, the h2 and h2' are almost identical which to me, made me think that this was the setup that maximised the net work output. however when calculating COP based on ideal cycle for all sets of data-this setup provide with the lowest value, the one with the worst performance?

    I dont understand? Have I got my wires crossed?


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