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Copper core copper coil?

  1. Feb 9, 2016 #1
    For research purposes, what would be the result of Electrical flow or magnetic strength if an Insulated copper Coil were wound around a pice of copper pipe?
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    No difference for a stationary (DC) field.
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    Is a charge picked up on the pipe because of the present magnetic field?
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    No, copper is not ferrous, AFAIK. And charges are not "picked up" because of a magnetic field. Charges are influenced by the Lorentz force, which depends on the magnetic and electric fields and the velocity vector of the charge.

    What level are you studying physics at right now? We should be able to suggest some reading that will help you build your fundamentals in E&M. :smile:
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    No level at the moment, I'm just discovering Curiosities as I dabble around with low voltages. May
    this is a hobby for me.

    I would say I am a beginner with some general knowledge, and that this is more of a hobby for me right now but. If you could Recommend some Sources that would be awesome.
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