Copper wire and shove it into the positive terminal

  1. If I were to take a copper wire and shove it into the positive terminal of an electrical outlet and then stick the other side of the copper wire into the earth, will current flow??
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    Of course .. and lots for a brief time till the copper wired fused or the house circuit breaker tripped

    Why would you want to do such a dopey thing ?
    You are setting yourself to be a darwin Award contender

    if you dont do and dont even consider such actions you will " Live Long And Prosper"
  4. russ_watters

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    Electrical outlets don't have positive terminals, only hot, neutral and ground. If you meant the hot terminal, yes, current will flow, including through you if you aren't protected.
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    It's called a short circut (or line-to-ground fault). Hopefully a breaker would trip somewhere, otherwise one risks starting a fire if the circuit overheats. That is a dangerous activity that we discourage.
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